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The Curse Giver’s “Book Bomb”

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Do you know what a “book bomb” is?

I had no idea until a group of my fellow Twilight Times Books authors introduce me to the concept.

A “book bomb” is a gathering of authors and readers who get together to promote a new release on a particular day in the hopes of driving the book to the top of the charts. I like to think of it like a book’s coming out party. Did I tell you? I like coming out parties!

Today, Wednesday, July 17th 2013, we are doing a book bomb for The Curse Giver. If you’d like to join, it’s really simple. Just put up a little message announcing the book bomb on your blog, FB page, twitter or any of your social media outlets and run with it.

Here’s a few examples of what others are posting:

From the gifted Maria DeVivo, fellow fantasy author of The Coal Elf:

“BOOK BOMB!! Today is the day, folks!! Get your copy of Dora Machado’s THE CURSE GIVER at a special price of $3.99. Already making some waves with a ton of 5* reviews! Dark Fantasy at its FINEST!”

From TTB’s amazing fantasy author, Scott Eder:

“Bombs away! Today is the book bomb for Dora Machado’s new release, The Curse Giver. It’s a steal on Amazon at only $3.99. If you haven’t read one of Dora’s books, you need to check this out. She’s fantastic. Dark fantasy at its best.”

From the incredibly talented mystery master, Aaron Lazar:

“Okay, folks! Today’s the day to help rocket our talented author friend Dora Machado to the top of the charts! If you were considering buying The Curse Giver, come over and click on the left sidebar on MB4 (below) to get your eBook version. It has just gone on sale for $3.99!”

From brilliant Stephanie Osborn, Interstellar Woman of Mystery:

The Curse Giver, is being book-bombed by her fellow Twilight Times authors tomorrow! Twilight Times has put the Kindle version on sale for $3.99 already! Please join with us in supporting Dora, and have a look here (and tomorrow on my blog!) to learn more about this great new novel!”

From awesome Christine Amsden, the author of Cassie Scott Paranormal Detective:

“Guest blog and book bomb today. BOOK BOMB!! Today is the day, folks!! Get your copy of Dora Machado’s THE CURSE GIVER at a special price of $3.99.”

So there you have it. You are hereby officially invited to The Curse Giver’s coming out party. Hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful day.


CurseGiver_Front Cover Final

From Sketch to Cover: A short Interview with Brad Fraunfelter, who created The Curse Giver’s cover.

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Have you ever wondered how an original book cover is created?

Well, it’s a work of art, a labor of love that includes brainstorming and research, a fascinating journey. It’s a creative process that involves the transformation of ideas into concepts, the conversion of words into tangible images. It starts with a sketch and it ends with a visual statement. But the best way of understanding the process, is to witness it, as I did in the case of my new novel, The Curse Giver.

Take a look at the concept’s evolution. If you click on the pictures, you will see the details coming to life.

Pretty neat, yes?

Brad Fraunfelter, the talented artist who created The Curse Giver‘s stunning cover, agreed to share his perspective with us, answering a few questions about his work and the cover’s creation process.

Q: What was your inspiration for The Curse Giver‘s cover?

Brad: My inspiration for the cover was drawn closely from the author’s write up’s which I studied carefully.  I chose the last idea which was on Dora’s list because I felt it would be visually most interesting. I wanted to show a dramatic contrast between the softness of the skin and dress of the girl, against the harshness of the armor of the man. For this reason I chose a white dress and pale skin for the girl, and dark, jagged armor for the man.

Q: How long did it take you from start to finish?

Brad: From start to finish, the painting took roughly a month: It involved a lot of preliminary research to study various forms of armor, and to design and sketch all the parts of what he was wearing, including the sword, helmet, and shield. Once I had these problems solved I could start on the painting itself.

Q: How did you accomplish such a stunning light effect on the armor?

Brad: To achieve the lighting effect on the armor I carefully studied the effects of light and reflections on metal. I also studied a few images of armor that I found on the internet for reference material. I also did several photoshoots of my own to get the placement of the man’s arms and hands correct and to nail the position of the light source.  I wanted to achieve the appearance of a “mystical” glow, so as one of the last steps to the painting I brushed in a soft white haze across the highlight areas, such as the girl’s dress.

Fascinating. Don’t you think?

To take a look at Brad’s creative process, from beginning to end go to:



Brad Fraunfelter Illustration

Glendale, California

Introducing The Curse Giver’s Cover

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

This is it! The cover for The Curse Giver is ready and I’m very excited to share it with you for the first time. So without further delay, here it is!

The Curse Giver's Cover

Seeing the completed cover for the first time was a powerful experience for me. Brad Fraunfelter did an amazing job. It’s a visual punch, an image packed with detail and emotion. I think it’s stunning. Don’t you?

What will The Curse Giver’s Cover look like? Want to take a peek?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Book covers are a lot like people: They come in different sizes and colors, interpreting all kinds of diverse concepts and ideas, seeking attention. Selecting a book cover is an important part of the process of putting together a book, because, let’s face it, we all judge a book by its cover. I know I do. Don’t you?

The advent of the electronic book took the pressure off cover design, at least for a little while. Many of the original electronic readers weren’t capable of showcasing the cover’s art and many authors and publishers took advantage of that to cut back on cost. After all, original cover art is expensive and in the current book market, everyone is looking for ways to increase those very slim margins.

But new electronic readers and tablets are reversing that trend. These newer e-readers are perfectly able to convey the nuances of a well-designed cover, many of them in high definition. Book covers are back and authors and publishers everywhere understand the need to put out covers that grab the reader’s attention.

I want the same for my books. I’ve been very fortunate to work with quality publishers who seek to put together excellent books. In my experience, one of the big advantages of working with independent publishers is that they seek and value the author’s opinions. So I was thrilled when my publisher, Lida Quillen of Twilight Times books asked me for ideas about a cover for The Curse Giver.

I got to work on a range of concepts, from simple to complex, from easy to hard. Original cover art is not just pricy; it’s time consuming and labor intensive. Lots of publishers choose to illustrate their covers with stock art because they can save lots of money. So I was delighted when my publisher selected Brad Fraunfelter,, who proposed a very realistic cover with lots of details in a slightly painterly style similar to the art of Donato Giancola.

His proposal’s rough sketch was ambitious, following my most complex cover suggestion. It showed a powerful warrior holding a woman whose naked back displayed the faint outline of butterfly wings. At first, I was a little shocked. If you’ve seen my books, you know that none of them showed people on the covers. That’s because I like to respect the reader’s individual imagination. But in his original proposal, the artist didn’t show faces, just bodies. I liked the power I saw in those images. I liked the passion he brought to the proposal.

In the next few weeks, Brad Fraunfelter will be completing the cover. It will be very different from my previous books. I don’t know exactly what the end result will look like, but I have no doubt about a couple of things: It will be an original piece of art and it will be a bold statement.

Want to take a peek?

Here it is!

CurseGiver_sketch_med (3)

What do you think?