Seven Things that People Might or Might Not Know About My writing



My writer friend Aaron Paul Lazar tagged me on FB to share seven things that people might or might not know about my writing. I thought I would share them with you on my blog as well. Here we go:

1. I keep vampire hours. Dawn means dusk and dusk means writing.
2. I have a minor in medieval history and thus medieval history has a place in all my novels.
3. I love reading all kinds of genres and I believe that variety enriches the writer’s life.
4. I’m a news junkie and, believe it or not, the real world fuels my fantasy.
5. The only activity I enjoy almost as much as writing is traveling. To me they’re both different ways of exploring the world.
6. My supervisor has whiskers, pointy ears and a tail. Yep, that’s a picture of her at the top.
7. My husband likes to think that all my epic heroes are based on him and, some days, I let him believe it.


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Have a great day! D.

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