Four Reasons Why Reading Is My Best Summer Escape

1) Reading is stress free: There are no traffic hassles, rigid schedules, cars packed to the rim, siblings breathing each other’s air in the back seat, kids asking are we there yet, long lines, crowded attractions, heat waves, summer storms, lost tourists, packed hotels, stagnant pools and stale all-you-can eat buffets. You also get to avoid the long check-in lines at the congested airports, the intrusive security screens, the late planes, the sullen flight attendants and the psycho pilots. It’s just you and your book.

2) Reading is safe: You don’t need helmets, kneepads, safety glasses, spare paddles, lifejackets, lifelines, first-aid kits, mole skin, tetanus shots, oxygen tanks, water purification tablets, safety harnesses, emergency beacons, medivac insurance, shark repellent or bear spray. Yes, I’ve owned, wore or used all of these at some point, so trust me, reading is the smart choice. I don’t need the GPS to locate my favorite reading corner; my cats double as wild life without the need for a high end Swarovski scope; and I’m a lot less likely to activate my SPOT (personal satellite emergency tracker) while parked on the couch.

3) Reading is exciting: Experience adrenaline’s thrilling rush without suffering the consequences for your actions. It’s like distance trekking in Spain without the blisters; or Colorado mountain biking minus the Rockies’ steep hills. Expeditions, explorations, adventure, intrigue, mystery, indiscretions, hardship, elation, failure, redemption, love affairs, high-stake gambles, you get to live through it all without losing your camera, sunglasses, wallet or ATM card. Yep, I’ve lost of all those. To top it all, you get to dangle at the cliffhanger without breaking any bones or dramatically increasing your chances for developing some serious osteoarthritis.

4) Best of all, reading is the greatest bargain: A used soft cover can cost less than $1.99. A bunch of great books are free on Kindle and Nook. Stonewiser: The Heart of the Stone is on sale for $.99 this summer. Libraries offer great variety at no cost. Digital or print, a book is the season’s most fashionable accessory. Compared with over-priced airline fares, luggage fees, unpredictable gas prices, seedy hotel rooms and unexpected hospitality taxes, reading is the best deal out there and by far my favorite summer escape.

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