Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Writing Gig

10. My daily commute entails a twenty second shuffle from bed to desk.
9. It’s nine PM to Five AM, and I like it that way.
8. My supervisor is a cat.
7. Business casual = yoga pants. Casual Fridays might involve some flannel pajamas.
6. I can spend hours surfing the internet and nobody will give me grief about it.
5. The water cooler is out in the backyard. If I really need cooling, I swim in it.
4. I get to daydream and that’s okay. My third grade teacher was so wrong about daydreaming.
3. I have to read a lot in order to write a lot. Well, if someone must make the tough sacrifices…
2. During working hours, I live in my own world—literally.
1. I get to share my work, my life and my passion with amazing readers like you.

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