Welcome to the StoneWisdom feature of my website.

  • These bits of StoneWisdom are brief excerpts taken from the novels of my Stonewiser series.
  • I often release them as tweets throughout the week, hoping they might be relevant to your day, offer a laugh, a thought, a break, and maybe even a little wisdom now and then.
  • StoneWisdom is usually comprised of something a character said or thought in one of my stories—something provoking, amusing, insightful, controversial, evoking or funny.
  • You can find out the quotes’ locations in the novels by looking through the tweets below, or join in by posting your own favorite quotes.
  • There’s always more on the way, so be sure to follow me on Twitter.
    Have fun with it!

Did you know?
Dora Machado grew up in the Dominican Republic and never thought about writing in English until years after she came to college in the United States.

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